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My Little Linux’s Experience

This time I just want to share my experience with Linux. The first thing I interested with open source when my computer had infected many viruses. It was make me crazy. Every time when the virus appeared I had to kill it with anti virus. For a while it was ok to do that, but made boring thing  having to do all the time. May be some viruses could be easy killed by AV but the others were stronger to be killed.  Then I was looking for the solution from Internet and  found that there was Operating System (Linux) which free from windows viruses. Knowing that then I started to learn it much more.

Ubuntu was the first Linux distro I took two years ago. It was so hard at the beginning to operate this OS. Unfamiliar and the desktop appearance were ugly, i thought. I had to  learnt it from internet by myself. My teacher is only internet and some of friends who never I met in real life. And I still remember my sacrifice was my laptop’s hardisk formatted when installed ubuntu. Oh God …. I lost my mind, all my data disappeared at once. Patiently, then finally I met with Linux experts who help me to restore the lost data. Thanks God!!

That is one of my bad experience using Ubuntu at the first time. There were still many problems I faced to be able operate it. But without surrender and strong desire to be familiar with ubuntu, I try to solve my problem from ubuntu forum. Actually not only ubuntu I have tried, there are many more Linux Distro I used to be such as Mandriva, Opensose, PClos and many more. But until now only Ubuntu The Linux Distro i choose to accompany me to work, along with windows seven. I used dual boot cause if any time my laptop borrowed by people who do not understand about linux especially ubuntu could use it.

At the end of my written here, I love all Linux distros and I want to learnt it if I have time. At the present i’m waiting to download Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.


One comment on “My Little Linux’s Experience

  1. go opensource! it was better using free OS with free virus than using expensive os with an expensive needs (AV, software, bla bla bla need money)

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